Uniform Appearance

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March 27, 2024


Uniform Appearance

Uniform appearance is always a topic of concern in our industry. Did the insurance company pay for some of your flooring but not all of it? Did they replace some of your cabinets but not all of them? The term uniform appearance is so widely used. Below you will see the language from the California Department of Insurance.

Section 2695.9. Additional Standards Applicable to First Party Residential and Commercial Property Insurance Policies

(a) When a residential or commercial property insurance policy provides for the adjustment and settlement of first party losses based on replacement cost, the following standards apply:

(1) When a loss requires repair or replacement of an item or part, any consequential physical damage incurred in making the repair or replacement not otherwise excluded by the policy shall be included in the loss. The insured shall not have to pay for depreciation nor any other cost except for the applicable deductible.

(2) When a loss requires replacement of items and the replaced items do not match in quality, color or size, the insurer shall replace all items in the damaged area so as to conform to a reasonably uniform appearance.

The real explanation behind this is, technically your insurance policy only pays for that ONE damaged tile, or that ONE bank of cabinets. The DOI (department of insurance) comes in and provides the uniform appearance language which is why you can make the argument to replace all the cabinets or flooring “as to conform to a reasonably uniform appearance.”.

Podcast: How to Not Get Wrecked by Insurance Companies

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March 10, 2024


Podcast: How to Not Get Wrecked by Insurance Companies

Episode 163

Have you ever felt shortchanged by an insurance claim on your property? You are not alone! Joining Mike and Dan today on Collecting Keys Podcast is David Melzer, a public insurance adjuster with expertise in advocating for property owners as they battle insurance companies for a better payout. He explains the role of public adjusters and the complexities of insurance claims, including why many insurance companies give lowball estimates and mistakes policy holders make when dealing with insurance companies.

Get More for Your Claims With an Expert

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March 6, 2024


Get More for Your Claims With an Expert

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What We Do For You

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February 27, 2024


What We Do For You

Navigating Your Insurance Claims With Expertise

Welcome to Property Claims Consultant’s array of services. Facing property damage? Our team at PCC, renowned public insurance adjusters, are your specialists in managing the complexities of insurance claims in California, Phoenix, Nevada, and Washington. 

1. Comprehensive Property Damage Assessment:

Post-disasters like wildfires, severe storms, or floods, accurate damage assessment is key. Our expertise lies in detailed evaluations of property damage, ensuring thorough coverage of all damage aspects:

  • Structural Damage Evaluation: We conduct in-depth inspections of your property’s structural integrity, from foundations to roofs, crucial for property owners post-disaster.
  • Personal Property and Contents Analysis: Assessing damage to personal items is vital. We catalog everything from electronics to personal belongings, crucial for an accurate insurance claim.
  • Environmental Hazard Testing: Post fires or chemical incidents, we perform essential environmental tests for substances like asbestos or mold, prioritizing your health and property safety.
  • Loss of Use Estimation: For uninhabitable properties, we calculate your entitled additional living expenses covered by your insurance.
  • Building Code Compliance Checks: Adhering to current building codes is crucial. We inspect and advise on necessary upgrades or repairs post-damage.

2. Clarifying Your Insurance Policy

Insurance documents can be complex. Our skilled team demystifies your policy, clarifying your coverage and rights.

3. Efficient Insurance Claim Paperwork Management

Handling insurance paperwork in California can be overwhelming. We take charge of the documentation, from preparation to accuracy, streamlining your claim process.

4. Assertive Negotiation on Your Behalf with Insurers

  • Advocacy for Fair Compensation: As your public adjusters, we fiercely negotiate with insurance companies, ensuring you receive your rightful compensation.
  • Experienced Negotiation Tactics: With deep industry insight, our team expertly counters insurance company tactics.
  • Maximizing Your Settlement: We aim to secure settlements that reflect the true value of your claim, considering every loss aspect.
  • Transparent Communication: Keeping you informed at every step, we value transparency in the insurance negotiation process.
  • Contingency-Based Service: Aligning with your interests, we only receive payment upon successful settlement of your claim.

5. Providing Peace of Mind During Your Insurance Claim

  • Managing your claim relieves stress, especially in challenging times. We ensure your peace of mind, knowing your insurance claim is handled by professionals.
  • When to Seek Our Services
  • Unsure about your insurance coverage specifics.
  • Facing extensive, complex property damage.
  • Preferring not to manage the time-intensive claim process.
  • Believing your insurance offer is insufficient.

Our Dedication to You

As your public insurance adjusters, our commitment is to guide you with expertise and professionalism through the insurance claim process. We focus on achieving the best outcome for your claim, allowing you to concentrate on recovery and rebuilding.

Reach out for Assistance

Facing a property damage claim and need expert help? Contact us at Property Claims Consultant. We’re your dedicated partners, ready to navigate these challenging times with our specialized knowledge and services.

Contact us today for a free consultation!

The Rising Cost of Home Insurance Premiums in California: Understand the Trend and How a Public Adjuster Can Help

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January 20, 2024


The Rising Cost of Home Insurance Premiums in California: Understand the Trend and How a Public Adjuster Can Help

Homeownership in California comes with its fair share of joys and challenges. While the picturesque landscapes and vibrant communities make the Golden State an ideal place to call home, homeowners are grappling with a concerning trend – the rising cost of home insurance premiums. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the factors contributing to this surge and explore how a public adjuster can assist homeowners in navigating these challenges.

Understanding the Trend

Wildfires and Natural Disasters: California is no stranger to wildfiresearthquakes, and other natural disasters. In recent years, the frequency and severity of such events have increased, leading insurance companies to raise premiums to offset the higher risks and potential claims.

Increased Construction Costs: The cost of construction materials and labor has been on the rise. As a result, rebuilding or repairing a home after a covered event has become more expensive, prompting insurers to adjust premiums accordingly.

Climate Change Impact: The changing climate patterns contribute to more extreme weather events, putting additional pressure on insurance companies. The increased risk of damage to homes due to climate change is a significant factor in the escalating insurance premiums.

How a Public Adjuster Can Help

public adjuster can be a valuable ally for homeowners looking to navigate the complexities of insurance claims and mitigate the impact of rising premiums.

Here’s how:

Claims Expertise: Public adjusters are skilled professionals with extensive knowledge of insurance policies and claims processes. They can help homeowners understand their policies, ensuring they receive fair compensation for covered losses.

Accurate Valuation: Public adjusters assess the true value of damages to your home, ensuring that you are adequately compensated for repairs or reconstruction. This can be crucial in maximizing your insurance payout.

Negotiation Skills: Public adjusters act as advocates for homeowners during the claims process. Their negotiation skills can be instrumental in securing a fair settlement from insurance companies, helping homeowners get the compensation they deserve.

Claims Documentation: Public adjusters excel at thorough documentation, providing insurers with the necessary evidence to support your claim. This reduces the chances of disputes and delays in the claims process.


As the cost of home insurance premiums continues to rise in California, homeowners must be proactive in understanding the factors influencing this trend. Engaging the services of a public adjuster can make a significant difference in navigating the complexities of insurance claims, ensuring fair compensation, and ultimately easing the financial burden associated with rising premiums. Stay informed, protect your home, and consider enlisting the expertise of a public adjuster to safeguard your investment in the face of these challenges.