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Personal Property claims

Maximize Your Recovery

We  fight for the fair compensation you deserve. Don’t settle for less!

Personal Property Claims

Suffering from damages to your personal effects can happen in many different ways, but it can be a traumatic experience. Insurance is there to alleviate that, but having to deal with it can be a nightmare. Personal property items can range vastly in price, and we are experts who ensure you are compensated correctly. Your insurance company doesn’t know how expensive your sectional sofa was, how much your designer handbags are, or how much that family heirloom meant to you. We have years of experience maximizing your payout on your personal property items. 

How Can We Help?

Your insurance policy has many different types of limits and endorsements, both taking away and giving back coverage on your personal property. We make sure that you are not limited in your payout. You need an expert by your side to navigate through the insurance policy and make sure you get what you deserve.