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What They’re Saying About Us

”Before working with David and Property Claims Consultant I had no idea about the bureaucracy of the insurance world and the extent of battling with insurance to get the money you deserve after filing an insurance claim. David at Property Claims Consultant refuses to let the insurance companies pay you less than you are owed. He will help you rebuild after a loss by advocating for your best interests. He truly cares about you, unlike the insurance companies. I couldn't recommend working with David and Property Claims Consultant more!"

”We fought with our insurance company on two separate claims for 5 months and enough was enough. With a little research we found David and PCC. He was able to settle our older claim for an additional 12k$, we had only been paid about 800 bucks before hand by our first adjuster. The second claim being a little larger did get dragged out by the insurance company a little longer but David got us a very healthy settlement. We have ZERO complaints other than wishing we hired him earlier."

”I would like to say that David is the true meaning of professional. I had an adjuster that was very unprofessional and tried to low ball me on repairs. I hired David to help me out as I was getting nowhere with my insurance. David fought diligently for proper repairs and compensation. He would not allow anything less than what was owed. If not for his knowledge and persistence we would've been screwed. Words cannot express how much My family thanks you for all your help."

”We had a flood at a restaurant we owned in San Diego, we were given David's information from a friend right out of the gate. We figured we could handle it but after realizing we were going to be shut down for a few weeks and the insurance company kept pushing back more and more we brought PCC guys in and they really helped alleviate so much stress from us. They sat us down and went over our insurance policy with us, they even showed us that we had income coverage. Which was NEVER told to us by our insurance company. We thought that we would just have to eat the lost revenue of our restaurant being closed. Thankful for you David!!! I really appreciates."

”Patrick in Carlsbad, CA. 2021 David helped us recently with an insurance claim. We had covered damage to our home and felt the insurance company wasn't providing enough funding to adequately cover the claim. David got involved and was able to inspect the damage, work with our insurance provider and obtain what we felt was a fair level of funding. David is great to work with and isn't a hard sell type of person at all. He came to us as a referral of someone we respect, and we weren't disappointed. David more specifically began working with our insurance provider, and very quickly was able to make a fact-based case for a more appropriate amount for repairs. David didn't over commit and he actually over delivered as the additional amount he was able to facilitate while fair, was more than he originally estimated. I strongly recommend to anyone needing an objective claims consultant with tremendous integrity, to consider David Melzer."

”We had some water damage in our house. Our insurance company wanted to settle for a small amount of money that wouldn't cover our costs. Property Claims Consultant reviewed our claim and our insurance coverage and worked with our insurance company to get us enough to cover the damages. We were very pleased with their quick response and their concern for getting us back to normal. Strongly recommend them for anyone who is having a problem."

”David was an absolute breath of fresh air to work with! From the start he took the time to educate us on the process and set expectations, which is huge for me! Throughout the process he was communicative, friendly, easy to work with and most importantly helped us get our claim approved above and beyond our expectations after struggling with multiple other adjusters. I think we can all agree the insurance claim process can be difficult, time consuming and stressful. With David fighting for us it lifted a lot of that burden and I can't say enough about how great our experience was. In the future I will save myself the time and energy and call David first!! Thank you again, David!"

”This company is very professional, organized, methodical, systematic, thorough, detailed and most importantly knowledgeable in the requirements, technical specifications, documentation, tools, software, procedures and state law of the insurance claim process industry. Loren Pearlman, our consultant did an outstanding job in navigating and communicating with the insurance company with regular status updates. We were always apprised and aware of our claims process status, what to expect and when. Loren visited our water damaged kitchen, living, dining and family rooms several times and gathered all evidence, did measurements, collateral damages and material samples, supported with hundreds of detailed photos. We trust Loren's judgment and we received a fair and reasonable claim settlement. We strongly recommend this firm."

”Beau and David were amazing to talk with. I am going through my first-ever homeowners claim right now and I live across the country from my property. I had a few issues off the bat with the restoration and though I didn't end up needing to utilize their services David and Beau took ample time to speak to me about my property on several occasions. David originally spoke to me on Thanksgiving Day and Beau was even kind enough to go take a look at my property and advocate on my behalf. Again I did not end up needing their services so the level of care they take with their customers is truly top-notch. I can't recommend them enough!"

”They were so great! I had mold damage that was uncovered during a remodel. I wasn't sure what to do, and they showed up very quickly and helped me evaluate the situation. They even measured moisture damage and gave advice to our contractor. Then they explained how insurance companies will treat these situations, what I should do, and how to best respond. It was amazing. I highly recommend having someone that knows the process so well help."

”I had water damage from a pipe burst in my kitchen, and I had a hard time with my insurance company. Six months later, my claim was confirmed. I got lucky to find the Property Claim Consultant through a Google search. Dave and Beau responded immediately. When Beau was at my property, he took off all my stress and worked directly with the insurance company on my behalf. I am so thankful that I hired Beau and Dave from the Property Consultant. Especially Beau; he did an amazing job from start to finish. He is professional, responsive, and knowledgeable, I would definitely recommend using Beau and Property Claim Consultant for anyone who needs assistance with their insurance claims."

”After fighting with insurance for nearly 6 months over a burst pipe in the master bath; Ken, Jaime and Beau came to the rescue. You may not be "in good hands with Allstate" but you surely are in good hands with these guys! They are incredible. What I couldn't do in 6 months they did in five weeks, overturned my case with insurance and are in the process of getting us a payout. I was losing sleep and having anxiety over the whole thing but since we handed our claim over to these angels my apple watch alerted me that my heart rate has reduced by 10 bpm over the past month! Thank you for saving our bathroom as well as our physical and mental health. You guys rock! The only regret I have in working with you is WHY DIDN'T I FIND YOU SOONER!! thank you for everything!!!"

”These guys were so great. We hired another guy (Jeffrey muñoz, buyer beware). He botched our initial claim. After dealing with him and his unresponsive mess, we went looking for someone else. Other adjusters wouldn't touch our claim because the previous adjuster had done such a terrible job. Thank goodness for property claims consultant and beau eckstein. They were willing to take our case. They were transparent and communicated so well. Very responsive and professional. They found many problems with our first claim and they were able to go to bat for us. They fought our difficult adjuster and insurance company and they got us a just settlement. They also took care of all the details like housing and our laundry setup. It was nice to just trust someone and see the problem get handled. Worth every penny."

”David and his team were excellent to work with and really made our lives easier when we needed it most. After having water damage in our kitchen, we were concerned after getting such a small settlement from the insurance company so we reached out to David for help. After talking us through the process, we signed on with them and immediately felt a huge weight off our shoulders. The process certainly took time but the value that David added to our claim was definitely worth it. Highly recommend for anyone looking for help navigating their insurance claim."

”David helped me get a much larger settlement on my claim for the bathroom leak at my house. My insurance company offered me about 50% of what David actually got me. He took the hassle of arguing with my insurance adjuster away from me and fought for me. He always kept me up to date on my claim and was very nice and understanding of the situation we were going through."

”David saved me FAR more than I care to admit publicly. I got hosed by insurance on repair costs for a burst pipe but these guys helped facilitate a quick and easy payout for every dollar I deserved from insurance- much more than I was being low-balled for. I only wish I was recommended to their services by a neighbor sooner so I could have saved the weeks of headache prior to David's assistance."

”Dave and his team are extremely knowledgeable and goes to bat for you in difficult situations. He knows the in's and out's of the insurance industry and is an asset to have on your side. 5/5, would recommend to my family and friends."

”I had a horrible situation with my insurance company, State Farm. I filed a homeowner's claim and State Farm wanted to settle the claim so low that I couldn't find a contractorto perform the work. After going around and around with the insurance carrier, I finally was connected with David Melzer. Becauee David has extensive experience as an adjuster in the insurance industry, he was able to go over my policy and negotiate with State Farm to settle the claim at the proper amount. I was able to restore my home and pay the contractors to do the work. I am so grateful to have found David. I would've had to have come out of my own pocket to repair my home had I not received his help and expertise to settle my claim fairly. I highly recommend his services."

”We called David for help after a flood in our kitchen. Insurance had offered us about a quarter of what it was going to cost to put it back together and I didn't know what to do. We called David and were in the best hands. Dealing with insurance felt like a game I didn't know how to play but David knows all the rules. He has worked on both sides in this industry and knows exactly what you are entitled to. He came over and looked over our damage and talked us through what was a realistic outcome. He greatly surpassed our expectations and our home is put back together without being a big unexpected expense. David was very good at following up relentlessly with insurance and keeping us informed. He will bring you across the finish line with insurance claims."

”I want to highly recommend Loren and David from Property Claims Consultant. I called them by chance when I had soaked drywall in my house and had no idea what to do. They were immediately there with advice and know-how from our first call. Loren was able to help liaise with insurance and save me time I didn't have to give up working full-time with two young children. He took care of everything and was able to highlight things I would have never known otherwise."